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We love what we do

We love being able to help people every day. Our goal is to improve lives by diagnosing and curing neuromuscular and musculoskeletal problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We like to try to solve problems that have evaded others, sometimes by performing original research. We care for problems in the spine, the arms and legs, the hands and feet, the head and neck and pelvis.

Our specialized diagnostic services have been sought by patients and colleagues for over two decades. We helped develop the use of computers combined with high resolution ultrasound to better diagnose nerve, muscle, tendon, ligament and joint disorders. We believe in exercise as medicine and a comprehensive approach to healing.

We use regenerative techniques involving biologic agents, such as platelets, bone marrow derived mesenchymal or adipose stem cells from one’s own body, combined with high resolution 3-dimensional imaging to deliver cells and heal injuries. We perform ultrasound-guided ultra-minimally invasive surgery enabling a faster recovery without need for general or regional anesthesia. We also provide traditional injection treatments for pain using fluoroscopic and ultrasound guidance.

We spend time with each patient, listening, examining and considering what may have led to the problem and all treatment options. Once all questions have been answered and we have decided on a plan, we aim for the utmost in precision and efficacy, the least in discomfort and a gentle approach that we’d use on our friends and family.

What others say about us

“I was in serious pain at the emergency room when I was sent to Dr. Bodor. The team at the hospital did not have the equipment or expertise to diagnose my problem.  Dr Bodor and his team were so friendly and knowledgeable. They did an ultrasound and some movement tests and quickly diagnosed my uncommon injury.  I had a torn labrum in my left hip. The treatment for such an injury is generally surgery but Dr Bodor offered PRP and I jumped at the chance to avoid surgery.  After the PRP with Dr. Bodor, the pain subsided and after 2 months my injury was healed.  I am grateful for the Doctor and his team. They have broad expertise and a patient centric medical practice.”

Deborah Jackson, NYC
Deborah Jackson, NYCPlum Alley Investments, Founder and CEOPlum Alley

“Dr. Bodor’s creative and unrelenting drive to obtain the best possible result has had a profound effect on my life from both a physical and emotional standpoint.  Dr. Bodor has a compassionate approach that includes listening carefully to patients and taking time to explain creative approaches, whether traditional or cutting edge in nature.  The staff has been great to work with as well.”

Robert Allen, Incline Village, NV
Robert Allen, Incline Village, NV

“It’s been one year since I’ve had PRP injections in my three lower lumbar discs.  I could not ask for better care.  Dr. Bodor and his front staff were beyond helpful, answering all my questions and concerns.   Dr. Bodor listens and you never feel rushed.  My son is now a patient and we drive up from LA – enough said!”

Mark Schafer, Walnut, CA
Mark Schafer, Walnut, CA
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